New 300hr Yoga Teacher Training


You’ve completed your 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training, you’re teaching classes and loving it! So what’s next?   

Maybe you’re ready to deepen your understanding of the yoga science.  Or maybe you’re looking to make yoga a life path and commit to your personal growth and education?    

In this 300hr. Yoga Teacher Training course you will expand your knowledge for your students and yourself.  

A Thorough and Expansive program.

Your education and development are of the utmost importance.  

The teacher training program is divided into five modules (150hrs) that are concentrated times for group learning. Homework, mentoring, and self-practices are spaced throughout the modules so you can integrate your learning.  Additional training workshops, also known as electives, will make up the additional 150hr. needed.  These are available to allow you to fine-tune your education, creating a 300hr program that is authentic to you and your yoga journey.

The yoga science was originally passed down from teacher to student in a mentor-style relationship. In our 300hr. program you will have the opportunity to learn in this effective way by having some time with a mentor to guide and support you.  

So, what are you waiting for? Come explore your own personal journey and discover many new and key elements to the yoga puzzle to deepen your understanding. 

Course Overview

August 8th – December 19th
150 Mandatory hours in 5  Core Modules –  24 hours LIVE on Zoom per module (2 weekends)


Start your training now!  150 of your hours are composed of electives that you chose.  You can sign up for those now and begin learning as soon as the end of May. Enrollment closes August 1st

By developing your own practice and education, you will be able to

serve your students more and enhance their well-being.

Program Prerequisite: You must have a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate to participate in 300hr. Yoga Teacher Training program

Core Program

150 hrs | Mandatory Modules

Opening Practice & Ceremony (5hrs)

  • Define your Dharma statement
  • Setting an intention for the following program
  • Ritual ceremony to begin your journey

Module 1 (24hrs)

  • Develop your own meditation practice with your personal Mantra (One-On-One session)
  • Deep Meditation Follow-up (One-On-One session)
  • Basics of biotensegrity & how it applies to Yoga Asana and our teaching
  • Basics of biomechanics & how it applies to Yoga Asana and our teaching
  • Introduction to Integral anatomy & how it applies to Yoga Asana and our teaching
  • Introduction to Samkya Philosophy (Yoga’s explanation of the Universe)
  • Ayurveda (One-On-One session)

Module 2 (24hrs)

    • How to design a healthy individualized practice for you students, private clients and yourself.  Including compression vs. Tension, Range of Motion, joint mobility, and the science behind building strength & flexibility.
    • Assessing clients & developing specialized programs.
    • Teaching one-on-one with private clients; including business of privates
    • Satsang- “Sitting in Truth”
    • Group Learning sessions

Module 3 (24hrs)

    • Subtle body systems including Koshas, Chakras, Gunas, & Vayus
    • Explore various tools that you can use in your life and teach to your students to help you ride the waves of life. These tools include; meditations, pranayama, visualizations, mudras, mantras etc.
    • Learn to weave these tools into general public classes and one-on-one sessions.
    • Start to draw these tools into your daily life with personal practice homework.
    • Satsang- “Sitting in Truth”
    • Group Learning sessions

Module 4 (24hrs)

    • Assessing clients with Koshas, Chakras, Gunas, & Vayus
    • Learn some assessment tools
    • Yoga vs Western healing modalities
    • Satsang– “Sitting in Truth” (group practice)
    • Group discussion on topics learned, share stories, & find guidance & support
    • Open/Mysore Practice

Module 5 (24hrs)

  • Trauma informed teaching- Past Traumas get stuck in the body. Learn how this happens and the health risks associated with stuck trauma in the body. Also learn how to cultivate a safe and inclusive environment to support everyone in your yoga class, including those who have been through traumatic experiences in their lives.
  • Satsang- “Sitting in Truth”
  • Group Learning sessions

Closing Practice & Ceremony (5hrs)

  • Ritual ceremony to close our journey together
  • Setting intentions for the future.

One-on-one time with a lead instructor for Ayurveda, meditation, and mentoring make up the rest of the 150 mandatory hours.

Homework and Additional Practicum

  • Supervised teaching with constructive feedback
  • Self Study/Homework includes reading texts, written assignments, building your own personal practice, and practice teaching
  • Preparing sequences and class themes
  • Personal practice development including asana, pranayama, and meditation
  • Mysore practice- Self guided practice with a lead trainer present to help guide you and answer questions
  • Sadhana (personal, spiritual daily practice)
  • Group discussion addressing yoga teaching questions, lifestyle, and philosophy
  • Developing specialized programs for private clients

PLUS 6 hours of mentor assistance:

  • Observing, assisting and teaching in general public classes held at the studio
  • Get one-on-one time to ask questions
  • Get feedback on your teaching from your mentor
  • Get specific guidance on areas that you are interested in or struggling with

Extra bonus!  30 additional hours of content for FREE!

To ensure that you are up to up-to-date with your anatomy knowledge and ready for the for 300hr. program you get 30 hours of anatomy for FREE.

Get the most our of your 300hr Training

This opportunity to take Anatomy at the 200hr level at no additional cost.

Although this is not a requirement, we HIGHLY recommend that you take advantage of this amazing opportunity so that you can get the most out of your 300hr. training.

Continued Education and 300hr Teacher Training Electives

150hrs. Required in Elective hours

At least 1 of the electives on Yoga Philosophy must be completed in order to graduate.

Elective dates are subject to change based on interest. Please note that some electives have prerequisites.  Many of the elective workshops are available to anyone hoping to expand their knowledge on a particular topic.

Featured Facilitators

Our 300hr Yoga Teacher Training features learning opporunities with top industry proffesionals.

Bernie Clark

Bernie has been traveling the yogic path for over 35 years, starting with a daily meditation practice that he established in his mid-twenties in order to deal with stress in his business career. In his early forties, he was introduced to the physical practices of yoga through hatha yoga, which assisted him greatly in his meditation practice. 

He has a degree in science and spent 30 years as a senior executive in the high tech space industry, but he also continued to feed his intense curiosity about psychology, mythology, anatomy, and philosophy, which culminated in his writing several books about yoga, mythology, and anatomy. 

Today, Bernie is a yoga teacher and educator offering classes, teacher trainings, and workshops in Vancouver, Canada.

Nathalie Keiller

 Nathalie has been integrating the principles of Ayurveda to her life since 1999, the same year she started to teach yoga.  In 2013, she received certification as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant and is now facilitating courses about Ayurveda and self-care.  

A Hatha Yoga practitioner since the early 90s,  She has been teaching it since 1999, right after completing her first Teacher Training Course at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashram. She later completed many other Teacher Training Courses: in the Ashtanga tradition with David Swenson in 2001, in Viniyoga with TKV Desikachar in 2003, as well as in Anusara Yoga from 2004 to 2010. More recently, in 2011, she began studying Yin Yoga and added this approach to her offerings. Yoga asanas bring to the body what meditation practice brings to the mind.

Sandra Gin

Sandra completed her yoga teacher’s training in 2015 and has been teaching ever since. Her teaching styles include vinyasa, power, and yin yoga. Sandra has taught at several Oxygen Yoga and Fitness studios throughout Vancouver. Sandra loves leading her students in creative and soulful sequences that challenge the body but nurture the heart. 

Sandra has a background in gymnastics, dance, and cheerleading, and these activities have led to her love of arm balances and inversions. In many Sandra’s classes, you can expect the opportunity to get upside down and to safely build strength for some of the more advance poses. 

Diana Batts

Diana has been practicing yoga since the late 1980s and teaching since 2003. She discovered yin yoga through her friend Bernie Clark and took his first teacher training in 2004. Since then, she has studied with other leading yin yoga teachers including Sarah Powers and Paul Grilley.

She is inspired by the yoga of B.K.S. Iyengar. Her style is a quiet meditative practice with variations and the use of props to meet the needs of each student and their unique body. Since 2005, Diana has assisted Bernie in his Yin Yoga teacher training courses


Elective courses are open to anyone, not just our 300 hr program participants. If you are interested in an elective for continuing education or special interest, we’d love to have you join. 

Additional one-on-one mentorship

Six hours of mentorship are included in mandatory hours. : More hours are available as elective hours if you choose. 10 – 40 hours.

Mindful Hands on Assists with Alex Anderson

How to mindfully give effective Hands on Assists that support and eluminate your student’s experience. 12 hours 

Introduction to the Yoga Philosophy through the Yoga Sutras with Christina Raskin
  • Basic Introduction to the Yoga Philosophy through the Yoga Sutras, an ancient text that clarifies and explains the 8-limbs of Yoga. This is a great workshop if you are new to Yoga philosophy or you want to review the Yoga Sutras.
  • This is an elective in Yoga Philosophy
  • 14 hours Online Live Training
  • Yoga Philosophy elective
Applied Yoga Sutras with Christina Raskin
  • How do we draw the Yoga Sutras into our daily life and live in alignment with the yoga principles? And how do the yoga Sutras influence our understanding of the journey of yoga. Explore these aspects as we dive deeper into the Sutras, including books 3 & 4 and uncover the layers of meaning in this ancient text.
  • Prerequisite: Introduction to the Yoga Philosophy through the Yoga Sutras.
  • This is an elective in Yoga Philosophy
  • 14 hours Online Live Training


Yoga Philosophy as told through the Bhagavad Gita with Alex Anderson
    • Through powerful storytelling, dive into the yoga philosophy and uncover aspects of the Yoga journey that you never knew existed. The Gita moves and inspires many with it’s beautiful lessons. Through thought provoking exercises, start to draw these lessons into your life and truly begin living your yoga.
    • Yoga Philosophy elective
    • 12 hours
How to Theme a class with Christina Raskin
  • 6 hours online training
Yin Yoga with Bernie Clark
  • In this training, you’re invited to learn the techniques of yin yoga, explore the theory behind yin yoga, illustrating the physiological, energetic, and psychological benefits. You’ll also dive deeply into the practice, learning how to safely do yin yoga as well as teach it to others.
  • 50 hours online
  • Available 2021 weeks: May 10-16,  July 19-25 or Nov 1-7
Basics of Advanced Asanas with Sandra Gin
    • Learn the basics of the more advanced Asanas like arm balances and inversion. Learn helpful techniques and exercises to help you progress in your ability to play with the more advanced postures.
    • 10 hours
Applying the basics of Advanced Asanas with Sandra Gin
    • Apply the tools you learned in the Basics of advanced Asana workshop to progress in your physical practice of the Asanas.
    • Prerequisite: Basics of Advanced Asanas
    • 3 hours
Advanced Asana Playground with Sandra Gin
    • Play time! Enjoy time in the studio to practice your more advanced asanas with the support and knowledge of a senior teacher.
    • Prerequisite: Applying the basics of Advanced Asanas
    • 3 hours
Sequencing & Teaching Vinyasa Flow with Christina Raskin
  • Get inspired and explore creative and fun ways to sequence your flow classes, including building up to a peak pose and unique class sequences.
  • 10 hours 
Sequencing & Teaching Hatha Yoga with Christina Raskin
    • Dive into the sequencing of a Hatha yoga class including various class sequences for specific conditions. 
    • 10 hours 
Common Injuries & Potential Approaches with Melanie Palis
    • A review of common injuries and how we can support our students in their practice to mitigate certain injuries. Including how to modify practices as they come back from certain injuries. We will also do case studies of common situations to apply the information learned.
    • Late Fall 2021/Winter 2022
    • 14 hours 
How to effectively educate your students with clear & concise cueing with Christina Raskin
    • In this workshop gain the knowledge of how people learn, including how they learn according to Ayurveda. Learn how to apply this knowledge so that you can really educate your students on anything from mindfulness to yoga postures. Being a true ‘teacher’ or ‘educator’ is an art form. In this workshop you will practice perfecting this art.
    • 10 hours
Ayurveda; Live well, Age Well with Nathalie Keiller
    • This course is designed for beginners of all fields of life, as well as yoga teachers in training.  It gives you the opportunity to explore the foundations and the importance of keeping your doshas in balance. You will learn about the history, philosophy and principles of Ayurveda through the 5 elements, the cycles of life, the 3 doshas, agni, herbs, and more.  In this course you’ll learn practices to return to optimal health and maintain balance for your body and your mind.  You will also learn how to assess your own birth constitution as well as some of the sources of your imbalances.  You’ll have the opportunity to integrate balance through food, and discover the best diet  for your constitution.  In addition, I will invite you to practice other therapies like dinacharya, pranayama, asanas, which form part of an uplifting daily routine.
    • Winter Spring 2022/Summer 2022
    • 30 hours


  • Basic History, Philosophy and Physiology of Ayurveda
  • Exploring your Prakriti and your Vikriti
  • The 6 tastes and a diet for each season
  • Dinacharya and optimal health
  • Pranayama and Asanas
  • Ojas and Rasayana: herbs and other therapies
  • Seasonal cleanse and Panchakarma


If you’re looking for continuing education, not to complete a 300 hour program, you can take many of the continued education workshops individually.  These workshops hours can all be applied for CE (Continuing Education) hours for Yoga Alliance.

Register Now, Spaces Are Limited!

In-person training hours will be divided between the following Oxygen Yoga & Fitness locations in British Columbia; Kitsilano (Vancouver), Port Coquitlam, & Aldergrove

To ensure that you are up-to-date on your anatomy training and fully prepared for the 300hr program we are including the 200hr. Anatomy for FREE!

Twenty hours of online anatomy (reg $320 + tax). Additional books may be required. Yoga studio membership is not included.


In September 2014, I made a life changing decision to join Christina Raskin’s YTT at Oxygen. I had NO IDEA the journey I would embark on with my peers & teacher would turn out to be such a fulfilling & beautiful experience. Christina IS THE BEST. She has a lot of experience under her belt as an instructor, is extremely knowledgeable, and has the warmest smile & she’s awesome. Who wouldn’t want an awesome teacher? The YTT was a great mix of asana practice, meditation, philosophy, anatomy, pranayama & discussions. Christina has inspired me in countless positive ways while the YTT taught me the skills I needed to continue my personal practice throughout my life. This program isn’t just for those interested in teaching or yoga, it’s for anyone who wants to accomplish something very fulfilling & healthy. Thank you for believing in all of us when we doubted ourselves, Christina. Thank you for teaching me to be compassionate towards myself. If you ever teach the 500 hour program, sign me up now!

Lily J. Miranda

Christina is one of the best, if not the best, instructor I have ever had the pleasure of learning from – whether inside or outside of the yoga studio! Christina’s passion to share her love of yoga/pilates shines through in every gentle instruction, graceful movement, and powerful pose she presents to the students.

Yoga is now an integral part of my lifestyle largely due to the strong foundation developed in every practice that I have learned and will continue to learn from Christina. I look forward to seeing her smiling face and positive outlook before, during, and after each class.

Thank you Christina for bringing the best out of me!

Francine Hong

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Certified & Registered

Our school and faculty are certified and registered with Yoga Alliance.


Graduates are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as a RYT 500.

If you wish to register with Yoga Alliance at the 300hr. level then your 200hr. certification must have been with a school registered with Yoga Alliance.

If you are not already registered with US Yoga Alliance at the 200-Hour level, you will not be approved for your RYT 500 registration.  In order to be eligible for your RYT 500hr,  please ensure that you register with US Yoga Alliance prior to starting the 300hr Program.

According to Yoga Alliance:

“A RYS 300-hour advanced training is designed to build upon and deepen the trainee’s understanding of the fundamental concepts of the practice and teaching of yoga that are generally taught at the RYS 200-hour level. A RYS 300-hour advanced training prepares its trainees to teach principles and techniques of yoga that are more advanced, more detailed, and/or subtler, and the training enables them to teach with greater skill than could reasonably be expected of a RYT 200.”

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