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Join us for a series of Classes taught by Christina Raskin, National Training Director for Oxygen, or Jen Hamilton, CEO of Oxygen Yoga & Fitness

Total Body Conditioning 1 hr. class:This class will train your entire body, from head to toe, using interval training. Combining strength training and cardio for an effective and fun workout. You will never get bored in this constantly moving and challenging class!

Yoga Fitness Fusion 1hr. class:   Come join us for a fun, fast and uplifting class of yoga fused with fitness! This class will challenge you in all the best ways possible, physically and mentally. We’ll see ya on the mat!

Skeletal Variations and How They Apply to Movement Workshop:

How do we personalize movement for different bodies and skeletal variations? Why are hands under shoulders in Plank safe for one person and unsafe for another?Explore the most common skeletal variations and how they will affect a person’s ability to do movements and Yoga poses. Learn how to tell if a student can gain flexibility over time or if it is their skeleton limiting their ability. Also learn tools to gain more flexibility if it isn’t a skeletal variation that is limiting their movement.

Yoga Flow Safe Sequencing Workshop:

Flowing in a yoga class can be inspiring and exhilarating… but also high risk. Learn some basics on how to sequence a class; including some transitions that should be avoided and cuing for tricky transitions. This workshop will help you to design and lead your Vinyasa, Flow and Power classes with confidence and clarity.

Panel Lecture: Host: Christina Raskin

Always wanted to run a retreat but not sure where to start? Retreats are a great way to diversify your offerings, generate supplemental income and build your brand. Retreats allow you to engage with your current clients, connect with new people and offer unique experiences within your community while enjoying a paid for vacation or getaway. Learn the ins- and outs- of organizing and running a successful retreat including managing your budget, laying out your itinerary and easy to follow marketing and promotional tips.

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